Gianni Asdrubali and Antonella Zazzera Exhibition

Niccoli Gallery, for its first exhibition, is proud to present to the public a selection of works by two important artists, among the most fascinating on the contemporary Italian art scene: Gianni Asdrubali and Antonella Zazzera.
Asdrubali, using industrial brushes and colours, is always in search of dynamism, of transformation; in his works form and anti-form are interconnected and the work destroys all pre-established spatial boundaries. Zazzera uses copper wires to generate shapes that seem to light up from within, surfaces that vibrate every time natural or artificial light hits them, redefining the concept of spatiality.
Asdrubali and Zazzera’s works, whatever their shape or size, are capable of releasing such electricity that they do not leave anyone indifferent; they are able to characterise environments of all kinds, contributing to an excitement that is not only visual but also conceptual. Niccoli Gallery aims to create a hub of quality Italian art abroad, and the works in the exhibition seem to emphasise this loudly: “We are outstanding and no one can say otherwise”.

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