Bruno Ceccobelli, Auro & Celso Ceccobelli Exhibition

Niccoli Gallery is proud to present to the public a valuable selection of works by Bruno Ceccobelli and Auro & Celso Ceccobelli.

Bruno Ceccobelli is one of the most important living Italian artists. His works, eclectic and with a powerful sacredness, are appreciated by Italian and foreign gallery owners and collectors. With his 40-year career, he can boast exhibitions around the world and participations in the Venice Biennale, the San Paolo Biennale, the Rome Quadrennial, the Biennale Des Jeunes in Paris, and many others.

Auro & Celso Ceccobelli, sons of Bruno Ceccobelli, are two young artists on the launching pad of the Italian art scene. Their performative works, with their strong visual and sensorial impact, explore the world of technology, waste materials and mechanics, always in constant relationship with nature and man.

The exhibition proposes to accompany the public inside an exclusive environment, made of images, sounds and colours, capable of stimulating the spectator both physically, mentally and spiritually.

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