Umberto Mastroianni

Umberto Mastroianni was born in Fontana Liri in 1910. After studying at the Accademia di San Marcello in Rome, he moved with his family to Turin, continuing his education under the guidance of Maestro Guerrisi.

His early works have a Futurist imprint, in particular he was influenced by the works of Boccioni, although with time he turned towards a kind of neo-Cubism.

The artist was the founder in 1947 of the Turin Prize and, during his lifetime, received important awards such as the Grand International Prize for Sculpture at the 1958 Venice Biennale and the Tokyo Imperial Prize in 1989.

A world-famous artist, Umberto Mastroianni died in 1998. His works can be found in several public and private collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of New York.

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